Twenty strong men have been named for the Bonito Squad for the PNG Tour in September.

Those named in the team include experienced striker Commins Menapi and defender Gideon Omokirio.

The Bonito team are; Shadrack Ramoni (gk), Leon Lekezoto (gk), Timothy Joe (def), Eddie Ngaitin (def), Seni Ngava (def), Tome Faisi (def), Gideon Omokirio (def), Joe Manu (M/F), (M/F), Henry Koto (M/F), Richard Mama (M/F), Lency Saeni (Flanker), Gibson Daudau (Flanker), Paul Wale (Flanker), Hickley Rence (Flanker), Ezra Sale (FW), Joe Luwi (FW), Godwin Bebeu (FW) and Commins Menapi (FW). Non-travelling reserves are; Martin Ruhasia and Sam Maena.

Coached by Jacob Moli, the Bonito squad will come up against PNG's National Team and the Hekari United.