The National Community Policing Unit is taking a proactive approach in its effort to curb high rates of crime in Honiara.

Speaking at a police conference yesterday Director of Community Policing, Inspector Edmond Tonisi, said that one the main event will be a Blue Light disco night, targeting youths within communities in Honiara.

The program is sponsored by the Solomon Islands Police Force, with the help of the Participating Police Force.

He said that the Blue Light disco night was first held in June at the Police Club and, with its huge success, the Blue Light program will now be held four times a year. "Seeing that youths have been involved in Kwaso and many other undesirable social activities, the Blue Light disco night is a very good idea," he added.

To ensure everyone's safety Inspector Tonisi stated that the Blue Light program said the event will be an alcohol free. Inspector Tonisi said that the program will also help bring the youths closer to the police, which should help dispel some negative perceptions they have of the police.