Police in Buala last week, conducted an operation targeting illegal liquor outlets in various districts of Isabel Province.

Patrol officers attended Sepi Village in the Bugotu area and Haevo Port in the Maringe area in the eastern part of Isabel following complaints by community members of illegal liquor activities.

During the operation, two persons were arrested and a number of alcohol cartons were seized. The suspects were taken to Buala where they were charged with selling liquor without license.

The operation continues and Buala Police are out again today targeting specific locations in various parts Isabel.

Provincial Police Commander for Isabel, Superintendent Gabriel Manelusi commended members of public for their assistance and support in the effort to keep the communities safe and peaceful.

"I wish to thank the Chiefs, Church leaders, Women leaders, youth and the community in general for their confidence in the RSIPF and for coming forward and giving their support police," he said.

Source: Press Release, Police Media