The 'Exploring Solutions to Political Instability and Governance in Solomon Islands-Potential for Reform' conference ended with great success on Tuesday.

Participants were able to discuss solutions to political instability and according to one of the workshop organizers; Mr. John Keniapisia, he stated that every points and solutions raised will be compiled to form a Political Parties Integrity Bill.

Mr. Keniapisia mentioned that the CNURA Government has been trying to establish a law to prevent Politicians to continuously cross the floor.

Introducing the Political Parties Integrity Bill would prevent party hopping and is a likely solution to political instability.

"We have achieved our objectives at the end of the conference and this is a success. Participants of the workshop are all prominent leaders with alot of experience therefore all solutions and points raised are valuable," says Mr. John Keniapisia.

Mr. John Keniapisia is one of the members of the Working Committee, a taskforce established to look into the solutions before compiling it for the Political Parties Integrity Bill. The Bill is likely to be passed in Parliament in November.