Over 30 competitors turned out to contest various courses on offer.

This included the "Silent World Mystery Cup", a triathlon and an aquathon for the non-bike riders at Kakabona in last week's race.

With the South Pacific Games Triathlon squad resting, other Triathletes were given a chance to shine in last week's Race 3 of the Silent Super Sprint Series.

In the men's long course triathlon, Hilton Williams finished strong, beating Leban Lokata to second place and Naptaly Walasi in third position. John Tupe and Sam Forau's strong swim and ride legs still could not keep up with the faster pace of the leading competitors.

In the women's triathlon, Rose Filia did a great job in winning this event, while a happy and improving Karen Lummis came in second.

In the aquathon race, Jeremy Miller won the long course whilst Francis Male won the men's short course and Reiko Take claimed victory in the women's short event.

The second Silent World Corporate Mystery Cup race was also held.

The team winner of the race, Team Kiwi (Jenny, Sean and Earle, recently arrived RAMSI Participating Police Force advisors) proved far too strong for last month's defending champions "Team 81". Next month's mystery cup will be held again and Tri SI is looking forward to some more teams coming out and giving the Kiwis a hard time.

Vice President and Race Director, Mr. Maxon Ala, thanked Silentworld for its ongoing generosity and support, and the Kakabona community marshals who assisted with the race.

"Tri SI would also like to thank all volunteers who turned up on the day to make our event a success," Mr. Ala said.