Temotu Province has recorded a big drop in Malaria cases for 2009.

A senior anti-malaria officer for the province, Robert Raoga, says the province recorded 50 malaria cases per one thousand in 2008 and through hard work and cooperation, they managed to reduce the rate to 16 malaria cases per one thousand.

Mr Raoga says the government is focusing on totally eliminating Malaria from the country and Temotu Province is the pilot province in the elimination process, followed by Isabel.

Mr Raoga says with the many scattered islands in Temotu, the main Island Santa Cruz recorded the highest malaria cases for 2009.

He says some of the challenges facing the Province in regards to fighting Malaria is transportation and communication.

Mr Raoga says if these areas are improved, Malaria staff and officers can perform their work effectively with less time and money.

Meanwhile in the Western Province, the senior anti-malaria officer says cases in the province has also declined by 39-percent in 2009.

Jance Oscar says that for every 1000 individuals tested, about 25 will be positive.

He says Munda, Gizo and the Shortland islands recorded the highest number of malaria cases in 2009.

Mr. Oscar says like every other province, the main challenge facing the anti-malaria division in Western province is unavailability of funds in time.

He says other challenges include lack of manpower,equipment and proper staff housing.

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