Betel Nut vendors along the White River bus stop and opposite the Rove Police Headquarters have been urged by the Honiara City Council to close their betel nut business and voluntarily demolish all illegal structures as of yesterday.

A letter signed by the City Clerk, states that the council is taking this step due to increase in illegal operations of markets along these areas.

The letter also states that under the council's building ordinance the council will by force demolish and remove any illegal structures erected along these two markets if the vendors fail to voluntarily do it themselves.

Reporters deployed to these two markets today reported that while few betel nut vendors have began packing, most are ignoring this notice.

A mother of eight children, Audrey Ma'asina says she will not vacate her market stall nor demolish it, saying that she has eight children to feed and a whole bunch of daily needs that she must pay for.

Mrs Ma'asina said that her betel nut business is the only thing that is keeping them alive.

Meanwhile another betel nut vendor Mathew Waymae also shared the same sentiments.

It is understood that the Honiara City Council allocates a fenced area in front of the Mbuavalley School for betel nut vendors to use.