Chief Executive officer of the newly launched Bemobile says the company is overwhelmed by the outcome of Tuesdays launching.

CEO, Michael Ah koy says turn out of the public to the dealers have shown what is already known in today's business World, that people need better communication services at cheaper prices.

Mr Ah Koy also confirms that Bemobile's cheapest phone costs SBD$149 which includes its SIM card. It is understood Be-mobile is selling its cheapest mobile as a promotion.

He says Bemobile have master dealers who have agents that people can get access to top ups.

Mr Ah Koy says that Bemobile is going well with its 28 percent of total coverage while it is working on doubling the coverage and later achieving 80 percent coverage of the country.

Meanwhile, in welcoming Bemobile's launch yesterday, Our Telekom's Chief Executive Officer Loyly Ngira says the launch of a second telecommunication service provider in the country gives Our Telekom strong motivation to improve and continue to develop its existing network across the country.

"We are intending to grow it further because we believe there is market potential for growth and the increase in access will enable the people to buy more mobile phones and SIMS so that they can have access. We are certain that we can still grow our market share and continue to increase access to the network that Solomon Telekom provides to the people."