The ban on the harvest, storage and export of bechedemer is still in force.

The Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources, Permanent Secretary, Dr Chris Ramofafia, says anyone found harvesting, retaining, selling, exposes for sale, in possession for export or exporting beche-de-mer is breaking the law and shall be liable for a penalty with a fine of SBD$100,000.

He says any Business House that holds a 2012 Fisheries license for export of other fisheries products, but is found in breach of the Fisheries Regulation 13-A, which is related to the ban, shall have their license cancelled.

Dr Ramofafia says the Enforcement Team of the Ministry of Fisheries and the Police are working in partnership to enforce the Regulation.

He says that a national survey to assess the status of beche-de-mer stock in the country is currently undertaken.

Dr Ramofafia says advice based on the survey will be provided to the Cabinet for consideration and a Cabinet decision whether to lift the ban or to maintain closure will be made in the light of the advice.