Catching sleep after partying hard out is the next thing on anyone's mind, but to find one snoring away in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a busy Honiara street is a funny sight.

Taking a walk down town, Solomon Times came across a young boy of 18 years of age snoring away at the foot of the steps of an office building in town.

People standing around first thought this was a homeless kid in need of a home, but this however turned out to be a drunken teenager.

For the young boy, it was simply time out to catch up on sleeps after what is presumably a hard night partying, caring less of the noisy traffic and attracting curious onlookers around him.

Solomon Times understands that the rate of drunken people sleeping on the streets is becoming common, especially on during the weekends.

Sad as it is especially for the young generation, it's a hilarious sight coming out on the streets to find individuals with bad hang-over in all kinds of sleeping position to "warm themselves" from the cold.

One guy interviewed by Solomon Times said that these people should be really careful about sleeping on the street as it is not safe.