In a remarkable demonstration of skill and determination, the Men's and Women's Beach Volleyball teams from Solomon Islands have left an indelible mark this 17th Pacific Games, clinching sought-after positions in the semi-finals.

The Solomon Islands Men's Beach Volleyball team, led by the dynamic duo of Ray Quan and Tam Teriba, triumphed in a thrilling quarterfinal clash against New Caledonia. The match unfolded with intense rallies and strategic plays, ultimately culminating in a hard-fought 2-1 victory for the Solomon Islands.

The resilient performance has propelled Ray Quan and Tam Teriba into the semi-finals, marking a historic achievement in the realm of Pacific beach volleyball.

As they advance to the next stage of the competition, the duo carries with them a testament to their skill and determination on the sandy courts of the Pacific Games.

On the women's front, the Solomon Islands Women's Beach Volleyball team, comprising the dynamic pairing of Hannah Donga and Kirstain Puia, showcased their prowess in a captivating quarterfinal showdown against Samoa at the SIFF Academy. The match unfolded with electrifying moments, and the duo emerged victorious with a 2-1 win, securing their place in the semi-finals.

The road to the semi-finals has been paved with determination, teamwork, and an unwavering spirit.

Hannah Donga and Kirstain Puia's resilience on the court has not only earned them a well-deserved spot in the semi-finals but has also elevated the profile of beach volleyball in Solomon Islands.

With their sights set on the semi-finals, both the Men's and Women's Beach Volleyball teams from Solomon Islands are poised for thrilling matchups tommorrow.

The Men's team, will face formidable opponents in their quest for the gold medal. On the women's side, Hannah Donga and Kirstain Puia are gearing up for a showdown against Fiji, a match that promises to be a test of skill and strategy.

As the Solomon Islands Beach Volleyball teams gear up for the semi-finals, the nation stands united in support, celebrating the achievements of these athletes who have not only represented their country with pride but have also demonstrated the caliber of talent within the beach volleyball community.

The sands of the SIFF Academy witness history in the making as Solomon Islands' beach volleyball duos leave an indelible mark on the XVII Pacific Games, and anticipation builds for the thrilling semi-final clashes that lie ahead.