The Honiara Beach Soccer League is commencing soon in the capital and about 20 odd teams are expected to register for the competition.

The committee overseeing the beach soccer competition said in a statement that two venues have been earmarked for the league. They are the Ranadi Beach and DC Park at Henderson.

It said all the Bilikiki players will be evenly distributed between the participating clubs making the league interesting.

Solomon Islands recent success in beach soccer has attracted huge following in Honiara thus the interest to play the shorter version of football has also increased.
With the recent formation of a Honiara Beach Soccer Committee - established under Article 50 of the SIFF Statutes it is hoped that a proper league will soon kick off in the city.

The committee is a non-profit entity committed to developing male and female beach soccer players, with exceptional soccer skills.

It hopes that the league once up and running at both DC Park and RBC will provide exposure to the best possible coaching, leadership, competition, and organization which can realize maximum success in club, high school, collegiate, and professional soccer programs as well as individual growth and community involvement.

Meanwhile, the Beach soccer Committee is searching for sponsorship for the league and will work closely with interested businesses in the city to secure funds to run the proposed beach soccer league.

Those businesses that agreed to enter into partnership with the new beach soccer league will receive maximum promotions for their products as one of the conditions for this partnership.