The National Invitational Beach Soccer Championship 2020 matchday one produced some exciting results as we witnessed for the first time since 2016 the rival of the abbreviated code in the country at DC Park.

After retiring from international beach soccer, James Naka return to the sand to led Honiara Titans to two impressive wins on the opening day.

Solomon Islands Bilikiki internationals Anthony Talo, Patrick Marie also shines in the first match against Real Kakamora Sharks.

Switching his futsal boots for the sands, Charlie Otainao scored a debut goal for the Titans in the 6-5 against the Sharks in the first match of the competition.

In the second match, Western Kikio Green leading 2-0 in the first period before Malaita Ngongosila Fantails come from behind to snatch all three points with a close win.

Isabel Churi narrowly lost to Malaita Sisifiu in a thrilling third match of the day. Funusui Iro scored a late goal in the third period as Malaita Sisifiu earned crucial match.

Honiara Titans and Isabel Churi played two matches on day one.

James Naka scored a hat-trick and Robert Laua’s extra time goal gives Honiara Titans a lucky escape against Western Kikio White.

Kevin Koipala and the Kikio side come from behind to tie the match 3-3 at the end of the third period.

The match went into extra-time to decide a winner and Bilikiki talisman Robert Laua sealed the match for the Titans with a match winner.

Game of the day sees favourites Malaita Kwikwi thrashed Honiara Lighting bolt in front of their cheering supporters at DC Park this afternoon.

Bilikiki players Thompson Peter, Allen Farobo, Max Fa’ari and captain Roy Mafane show their clash as they help Kwikwi to a huge opening win.

Lone Bilikiki player in the Honiara side Nelson Sipolo scored the only goal for the hosts.

Isabel Churi beat Real Kakamora Sharks of Makira Ulawa to end matchday 1 of the National Invitational Beach Soccer Championship at DC Park today.

Mostyn Kelly scored all seven goals for Isabel Churi while Bilikiki’s Nicholas Muri tried his best to inspired Real Kakamora with a brace which was not enough to earn his side a positive result.


  • Honiara Titans 6-5 Real Kakamora Sharks
  • Western Kikio Green 3-4 Malaita Ngongosila Fantails
  • Isabel Churi 4-5 Malaita Sisifiu
  • Western Kikio White 3-4 Honiara Titans
  • Real Kakamora 5-7 Isabel Churi


Wednesday 11 November 2020

Pool A
Western Kikio White Vs Malaita Sisifiu
Time: 10:00 AM

Pool B
Malaita Ngongosila Fantails Vs Honiara Lightning Bolts
Time: 11:15 AM

Pool A
Western Kikio Green Vs Malaita Kwikwi
Time: 12:30 PM

Pool A
Malaita Sisifiu Real Kakamora Sharks
Time: 1:45 PM

Pool B
Honiara Titans Vs Isabel Churi
Time: 3:00 PM

All games are played at the DC Park, East Honiara. 

Source: SIFF