The Solomon Islands High Court yesterday acquitted private businessman and former parliamentarian, Alex Bartlett, on all charges relating to the April riots in Honiara last year.

High Court Judge, Justice David Cameron, dismissed all four charges against Mr Bartlett. Justice Cameron said, on cross examination, he found that evidence presented against Mr Bartlett was very inconsistent and that no reasonable tribunal could rely on such distorted evidence to properly convict him.

Justice Cameron made his ruling following an application by Mr Bartlett's lawyer, Ken Averre, for a no case to answer on three counts of inciting and one of intimidation.
Mr Bartlett was accused of encouraging the crowd to riot.

Justice Cameron also acquitted Member of Parliament for Central Honiara constituency, Nelson Ne'e, on one count of inciting riot in China Town area.

Justice Cameron however says there was sufficient evidence to bring Ne'e to trial on one count of intimidation he allegedly made against the wife of a parliamentarian.

Meanwhile, the High Court trial of East Honiara MP, Charles Dausabea, continues today on charges of inciting riot.