The current ban on vessel and aircraft movement in and out of the Honiara Emergency remains effective.

This means vessels, small crafts and aircrafts intending to leave or travel to the Honiara Emergency is not allowed.

The ban remains effective until the time it is revoked, which means all Solomon Islands vessels must not leave the Port of Honiara.

The ban also apply on the movement of aircrafts until the Order is revoked.

The Regulation orders that the operator of an aircraft must not permit or enable a person on board the aircraft to disembark from, get out of or jump from the aircraft anywhere in the emergency zone.

It further covered exemption of authorized officer from complying with this Order while carrying out his or her functions, responsibilities or duties as an authorized officer, or travelling to and from the place where he or she carries out those functions, responsibilities or duties.

It explains, an essential worker is exempted from complying with this Order while carrying out his or her work functions, responsibilities or duties, or travelling to and from his or her place of work.

Those breaching these orders will be penalized accordingly. The ban was effective from 6:00am Saturday 22 January.

Source: GCU