The Parliament Member for Baegu Asiofola Constituency, Hon. Toswel Kaua, has officially handed 3,120 pieces of roofing iron sheets for his constituency.

The handing over program was held yesterday afternoon at the Anolpha Enterprises Limited, where the MP for Baegu Asiofola received the roofing iron sheets earmarked for his constituency.

Speaking to Solomon Times, the Constituency Development Officer, Mr. Johnson Inito said that the roofing iron sheets are part of their MP's housing project for the constituency.

Mr. Inito stated that the project plan begun ever since Honorable Toswel Kaua was elected as the MP for Baegu Asiofola.

He went on saying that their MP wants to provide better living for the rural people of his constituency.

Mr. Inito said that there are a total of 360 houses to be built on the project, "and now, the iron sheets are the third phase of the project," he added.

He adds saying that there are 390 inch copper and it will be fit to build 130 houses of the project. "The total cost of the roofing irons is well over SBD$715,000...they will be sent this evening to our constituency."

Mr. Johnson Inito told Solomon Times that the assistance has been a long time coming and the people of his constituency are very happy to be receiving something from their MP.

He said that the MP has received their acknowledgments and they are looking forward to working closely with their Member, Hon. Toswel Kaua.