With the current weather in the Solomon Islands, it is impossible for flights and shipping transports to continue with their normal schedules.

Forecaster of Meteorology, Eddie Maru, said that the heavy rainy weather is not only experienced in Honiara, but also throughout the provinces.

Mr. Maru said that they had already given out warnings to the marine people not to travel due to strong winds in the outer seas.

"We have given out warnings to shipping agents, with domestic flights also being cancelled due to the weather," added Mr. Maru.

Mr. Maru also told Solomon Times that the heavy rainy period will continue for another 24 to 48 hours, "and it is mostly due to the trough increase that lies upon the country".

He said that the winds are increasing in the outer seas of the country and will go on for a couple of days.

"Our computers show that our sky is full of clouds over the system and we are mostly expecting warning floods."