Immigration and Foreign Affairs Officials are currently liaising with their counterparts in Tarawa, Kiribati to repatriate two I-Kiribati men who were rescued over the weekend.

The two I-Kiribati nationals were discovered by US Purse Seine, Pacific Princess over the weekend, after drifting at sea for about 2 weeks and 5 days.

The two men one in his early twenties and the other possibly in fourties where brought ashore at Point Cruz Port Monday afternoon and were taken immediately to the National Referral Hospital for assessment.

Both men are in good condition and appeared to be mentally stable. They are currently being assisted by the Kiribati Community in Honiara

The Immigration Division and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Honiara are currently liaising with Government Authorities in Tarawa to validate the identification of both men through their respective relatives, before commencing formalities for the eventual repatriation of both men.


Press Release, GCU