Parents are calling on the education authorities to do more when publicizing school results.

A group of parents were left fuming when the newspapers that published the results ran out.

Those parents that managed to get themselves a copy say they went early that morning and waited for a few hours.

"I was here the whole morning since I knew the demand was too high and people will rush to get the papers," Lilly said.

"Some missed out but were adviced to wait for the second delievery by Island Sun, since they are the only one supplying the results."

Other parents spoken to say that there should be a better system in releasing exam results.

"Why not just put it on the government website, or other websites. I see alot of people just posting on Facebook different results, but it would be good to have an official release on a government website," said Stalin, who was waiting for his daughter’s results.

Island Sun newspaper is the only one publishing examination results and is sold for $10.

It is understood other outlets were not keen on publishing the results since the education authorities do not pay for such release.

The ministry of education has confirmed that all the results have been posted on their website at and encourages parents to check online. 


Article was updated at 11.08am