There is some ray of hope in the fight against Covid-19, speaking to 60 Minutes reporter, Tom Steinfort, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison says there is great news when it comes to vaccines for Covid-19.

“All the four vaccines that we've invested in are all proving to be right on track in terms of being effective. So, we're getting ourselves ready to have those distributed from the first quarter of next year.

“I want to assure Australians about this, the vaccines that are made available to Australians, and we've committed around three and a half billion dollars to make sure we have these four vaccines.

“We can vaccinate the Australian population many times over and we'll also be able to support our Pacific Island family and countries in Southeast Asia as well,” the Australian Prime Minister said.

"They must be safe. There will be no compromises on safety and on health. That vaccine has to be good enough for me and my family for it to be good enough for everybody else and their families, too."

Solomon Islands, like many in the developing world, are hopeful, but the reality is it may take some time before a vaccine does get to them. Vaccines are expensive, and with billions the world over waiting it will take some time.

In our time of need it seems likely Australia will once again step up should a vaccine be developed and approved by international health bodies/authorities.