An Australian MP says the federal government is proud to have helped prevent neighbouring Solomon Islands from becoming failed state 10 years ago.

Australia's been the driving force behind the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands, or RAMSI.

RAMSI is a partnership between the people and government of Solomon Islands and fifteen countries of the Pacific.

The mission arrived in Solomon Islands in July 2003 at the request of the Solomon Islands Government.

Since then, much has been achieved and Solomon Islands is continuing on its path to recovery.

RAMSI helped to end 5 years of ethnic conflict that brought the island nation from total collapse.

Speaking on behalf of Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, the Member for Brisbane Teresa Gambaro told the Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum in Brisbane last Friday that Australia's assistance will continue.

"Ten years ago the Solomon Islands was in danger of being a failed state," Ms Gambaro said.

"But RAMSI has worked with the government and the government of Solomon Islands to restore law and order."

RAMSI took part in helping to rebuild national institutions and to stabilise the economy to improve service delivery.

Ms Gambaro said the Australian government has committed $500 million to assisting Solomon Islands through the regional assistance mission in the next 4 years.

"Once again, the Solomon Islands are called the Happy Isle," she said.