Australian High Commissioner Rod Brazier has made his first visit outside of Guadalcanal to Auki, Malaita Province on 14 and 15 February 2017.

During this inaugural visit to Auki, Mr Brazier met with the Premier of Malaita, the Provincial Police Commander and conducted a tour of the Auki Police Station. A key point of discussion with the Provincial Government focussed on infrastructure.

“With Australia’s support, the National Transport Fund is currently investing almost SBD 60 million in Malaita’s roads, bridges and wharves – covering 264km of Malaita’s roads” said the High Commissioner.

Major works funded by Australia through the National Transport Fund include rehabilitation and maintenance or roads, construction of bridges, and implementing climate change adaptation on the Southern, Eastern and Northern roads of Malaita province.

The High Commissioner also visited the Auki Market, which has received funding from the UN Women Markets for Change Program. Through the United Nations, Australia is supporting women market vendors through business training and infrastructure developments at the Auki market to provide greater access and use of markets.

The High Commissioner met students at the Asia-Pacific Sustainable Development Rural Training Centre in Malaita.

“A highly skilled workforce is central to building a strong and resilient economy. Technical institutes such as APSD are well placed to help thousands of young men and women learn the skills they need to boost development across Solomon Islands” he said.

The High Commissioner also used his visit to meet with Australian volunteers and advisors who are based in Malaita, and visited the Kilu’ufi Hospital where Australian funding is supporting the Provincial and National government to bring development to the people of Malaita.

Reflecting upon his visit, the High Commissioner said “Australia is proud to support the Malaita Provincial Government and its people to live prosperous and safe lives”.

Press Release: Australian High Commission