An Australian lady living in Solomon Islands was found buying a quantity of marijuana from a young boy at the Central Market in Honiara.

Mrs. Louise Kelly, 48, was caught by police officers at the Central Market in Honiara while doing her usual shopping for fruits and vegetables on the 15th of April 2008.

Defense lawyer, Andrew Radcliff, said that she was not intending to buy the drug. Mr. Radcliff told the court that Mrs. Kelly was doing her usual shopping at the market when the young man approached her with an offer to buy a quantity of marijuana, to which she did but did not use.

It was at the point that police officers apprehended her during their normal patrol duties through the Central Market.Mr. Radcliff argued that Mrs. Kelly has never been in front of any court in Australia and has never been convicted of any crime.

Mrs. Louise Pamela Kelly, however, was found guilty at the Magistrate Court this morning and was fined SBD$300.

Mrs. Kelly is married with two children and has been living in the Solomon Islands since May 2007, together with her husband.

She is described as a very friendly woman, who has developed good relationship with the community and does not deserve a conviction.