Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) has received twelve resuscitation manikins courtesy of Triathlon Solomon Islands (Tri SI) and the Australian High Commission.

The manikins were funded under an Australian Sports Outreach Program grant, for use in the Tri SI Children's Swimming Program.

In 2008, SIRC provided resuscitation training for 30 Tri SI athletes, teaching them basic first aid techniques as part of a series of Saturday morning swimming and first aid lessons. The athletes learnt to check for danger; practised EAR and CPR resuscitation on adult, child and baby manikins and learnt how to treat cuts and burns.

Tri SI President, Maxon Ala, in handing over the manikins today said the training had been a vital part of the development of triathlon in Solomon Islands, particularly as the triathletes are involved in conducting swimming classes for school children.

He stressed that having basic life support skills is an important life skill and applicable in any emergency, which would not have been possible without the generous support of the Australian High Commission.

The handover of manikins for future first aid training at the SIRC office in New Chinatown coincides with the first day of a week long training course for twelve community based representatives, who will spend this week developing skills to enable them to teach basic first aid in their own communities.

SIRC Deputy Secretary General, Lorimo Tuke, thanked Tri SI and the Australian High Commission for providing valuable resources to support this essential training.

He said the manikins would enable the Red Cross to expand its first aid training program, providing communities with important skills that could one day save a life.

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