On Tuesday 24 February, the people of the Solomon Islands will have the opportunity to attend an event not seen in the islands before.

RAMSI is sponsoring a free concert at the Cultural Village in Honiara on Tuesday afternoon and the event is open to anyone who wants to attend.

Australian Country and Western singer John Williamson and his daughter Ami will perform, accompanied by local singer Tom Stranger and local band One Drop. A number of other Australian acts will also be showcased.

The performers are in the Solomon Islands as part of the Tour de Force, which is organised by the Australian Government to travel the world and visit countries where Australian military and police are working.

RAMSI military Commander Steve Coggin said that even though the performers are here to entertain RAMSI personnel, RAMSI wanted to share some of the good times with the people of the Solomon Islands.

"As an Australian, it's such a wonderful opportunity to share some of the Australian culture with the Solomon Island community," he said. "John Williamson and the other performers are held in very high regard in Australia and RAMSI is very pleased to be able to share this with the people of the Solomon Islands.

"The Tour is here only for a very limited time, but we have managed to arrange for them to travel to Malaita to perform as well. This will happen after the concert in Honiara."

Along with John and Ami Williamson, saxophone player Jed Zarb and singer Nicki Gillis will also perform. Local singer Tom Stranger will join John Williamson on stage and One Drop will complete the line-up.

The Honiara concert, which will be held on Tuesday at the Cultural Village, will start at 12.30pm and will finish at 4.30pm. All are welcome and it is free of charge.