An Australian national was arrested last week at Airport Motel for tearing a $50 note in half, giving part of it to the taxi driver who dropped him at the motel.

A local print media reported that this happened when the Australian was dropped of at the motel to wait for his flight to Brisbane at 2pm yesterday.

It said the passenger was picked up at the eastern side of town to the airport, who upon arrival at the Airport Motel, pulled out a 50-dollar note, tore it in two and gave half of it to the taxi driver, promising that he would get the other half if he returns to pick him up to the Airport.

The local taxi driver alerted the Guadalcanal Province Police Headquarters who arrested the Australian national at the motel.

It is believed that the man was a Gold Ridge Mining employee, who is now under police custody awaiting his court appearance.

According to the CBSI Act 2012, any person who willfully alters the external appearance of notes and coins is guilty of an offence and liable to administrative penalties under section 63 of the Act.