Australia contributes about three million dollars to the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey as it helps the ministry complete the final stage of its land administration project.

The Australian Government earlier this week handed over the assets which include network systems, computers, accessories, motor vehicles, motor cycles, outboard motors, canoes, office equipment, survey equipment and safety equipment.

The donation are part of a 7-year Land Institutional Strengthening Administration Project which allows the Government to continue with important land administration activities in Honiara and established regional centres.

Assets handed over are for the development of land titling and registration systems and the National Geographic Information Centre, and also covers the establishment of a lands office in Gizo and Auki.

Australian High Commissioner Peter Hooton, in handing over the assets, said the Australian Government looks forward to working with the Solomon Islands Government develop a program of assistance in lands administration over the next 12 months.

He said Australia recognises that the effective administration of land is vital for future economic development and lasting peace and stability in the country.