The Australian Government initiative, Strongim Bisnis supported Tourism Solomons at last Friday’s “Mi Save Solo” tourism exchange to support the event’s organisation.

“Mi Save Solo” was organised by Tourism Solomons to bring 28 Solomon Island tourism operators and 43 international tourism media and wholesalers together in Honiara. Held at the Solomon Islands National University on 5 July, the event provided a platform for tourism operators to meet wholesalers and promote their accommodation and tourism products and services. Tourism operators were also able to exchange ideas with wholesalers about improvements to their products and the kinds of experiences tourists are seeking.

Tourism Solomons CEO, Mr Joe Tuamoto thanked the Australian Government and Strongim Bisnis for its support, stating that “running such an important event requires the collaboration of multiple stakeholders. As a joint effort led by my team at Tourism Solomons, we are pleased to have the support of the Australian Government to increase international awareness of our tourism products and services. This event promotes our local operators to the world and shows off the best of Solomon Islands.”

This is the second year that the travel and tourism exchange has occurred in Honiara. Strongim Bisnis partnered with Tourism Solomons to support its organisation of the event, in which international delegates from Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States spent 15 minutes at each of the booths hosted by representatives from Solomon Islands accommodation and destination management services. This format allowed one-on-one time for wholesalers to learn more about individual Solomon Islands tourism products and services.

In addition to bringing international media and wholesalers to the country, Tourism Solomons organised for some of the international partners to visit the tourism hubs of Gizo, Munda, Auki and Marau to familiarise themselves with provincial tourism products and services. This additional activity allowed local tourism operators to give international wholesalers a fuller understanding of the provincial tourism experience and increase exposure on the tourism offerings that exist outside of Honiara.

Australian High Commission Second Secretary Economic, Cass Grant said “The Solomon Islands’ tourism sector has potential for growth and the Australian Government is proud to support the Solomon Islands Government to drive growth in this sector. Events such as “Mi Save Solo” are important for promoting local tourism businesses and Solomon Islands as a destination.”

The support is part of Strongim Bisnis’ ongoing efforts to improve the marketing and promotion of Solomon Islands as a tourism destination and the quantity and quality of travel planning information. Strongim Bisnis is an Australian Government funded program that supports growth in the cocoa, coconut and tourism sectors with a strong focus on women’s economic empowerment. Strongim Bisnis works with businesses, industry and government to strengthen collaboration, help businesses innovate, build commercial resilience and manage market risks.

Source: Strongim Bisnis