Leading Solomon Islands businesswoman Nanette Tutua will represent the nation this week at the World Indigenous Business Forum in Saskatoon, Canada.

The Australian High Commission is proudly supporting Ms Tutua’s attendance at this global event in an effort to increase the representation of Indigenous peoples from developing countries.

Ms Tutua has over 20 years’ experience managing businesses in Solomon Islands across a diverse range of sectors such as agriculture, sustainable timber processing, retail and transport.

She is also the Vice Chair of the Indigenous Business Council of Solomon Islands and the Association of Indigenous Solomon Islands Businesses.

Speaking ahead of the Forum, Ms Tutua said there were unique perspectives Solomon Islands Indigenous businesses can share with other indigenous peoples from around the world.

"What is most unique about Solomon Islands is that the majority of the population is Indigenous – that’s actually not the case for many other countries around the world and a real point of difference that we don’t often hear about," Ms Tutua said.

"I believe that local and Indigenous businesses have so much potential to grow in Solomon Islands and of course benefit from working with overseas businesses too – as long as there are mutual benefits for both sides."

"From this Forum I hope to learn how different countries are creating opportunities for Indigenous businesses to flourish. This is the chance to see how other countries are doing it and see on how we can adapt it in Solomon Islands," Ms Tutua said.

Australian High Commissioner Andrew Byrne said Australia is committed to providing opportunities to assist indigenous peoples – both in Australia and overseas – to overcome social and economic disadvantages.

"The World Indigenous Business Forum provides a platform for indigenous business leaders and policy makers around the world to connect, share knowledge and advance opportunities for indigenous economic prosperity," High Commissioner Byrne said.

"Ms Tutua will make a valuable contribution to the Forum by sharing lessons and issues of relevance to Indigenous Pacific Islander entrepreneurs."

During the Forum, Ms Tutua and other Australian-funded delegates from the Pacific will speak at a panel discussion about issues impacting Indigenous entrepreneurs.

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Press Release: Australian High Commission, Honiara