As part of Australia’s AUD13 million (SBD70 million) COVID-19 response package in Solomon Islands, the Australian High Commission recently handed over a Land Cruiser to the Guadalcanal Provincial Health Authority.

Through the COVID-19 provincial health package, every province has received a cash grant and resources including 4WD vehicles, boats, OBMs, computers and printers. These new resources, totalling more than SBD13 million, will ensure the provinces are better equipped to prepare for and respond to COVID-19.

Australian High Commission First Secretary (Health) Fiona Mulhearn said, “Provincial Health Authorities are at the frontline of COVID-19 community preparedness and response activities. Australia is proud to support these activities in Guadalcanal Province, by funding this vehicle and providing a COVID-19 cash grant of SBD969,700.”

Guadalcanal Provincial Health Director Dr Joel Denty expressed his gratitude to Australia for the vehicle and COVID-19 funding support. “Having a dedicated COVID-19 vehicle will help us to undertake community awareness and training of health workers. Our current vehicle fleet is old and unreliable, so this has impacted our ability to get out to the remote communities,” said Dr Denty.

Australia is proud to fund these resources, which continue to support national and provincial health authorities’ effective COVID-19 preparation and response measures.

Source: Press Release