The Parliamentary Secretary for the Pacific, Richard Marles, last night, summoned Solomon Islands High Commissioner to Australia, Beraki Jino.

This was to convey to the Solomon Islands Government Australia's strong concerns following allegations against Australia.

In a recent Media Release, the Australian High Commission in the Solomon Islands states that Australia is very concerned by the press statement issued by the Prime Minister's Office.

It states that Australia wants to be very clear that there is no conspiracy to topple the Solomon Islands Government and that Australia is not colluding with any Solomon Islands Member of Parliament or political party against the Solomon Islands Government.

Australia does not seek to influence politics in our neighbouring countries but works constructively with the elected government of the day as Solomon Islands politics is a matter for Solomon Islanders.

Australian has not provided funds of any kind to the Opposition and Australian aid is among the most transparent and open in the world and it is not used for political purposes

Australia's development assistance to Solomon Islands is mainly channelled through the Australia-Solomon Islands Partnership for Development, and wholly agreed with the Solomon Islands Government.

Australia has a strong commitment to assisting Solomon Islands achieve stability, economic development and the welfare of all Solomon Islanders

Australia is by far Solomon Islands' largest aid donor and over the years, Australia has made a significant investment in helping the people of Solomon Islands.

Australia is taking these baseless allegations very seriously at which the High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, Frank Ingruber, is seeking a call on Prime Minister Philips.

Source: Press Release, Australian High Commission, Solomon Islands