The Australian High Commission has presented to the Lata police a water tank and a stand-by generator to enhance the work of the police in Temotu Province.

Operation Manager Temotu Province Inspector Walter Leleina says, “We are greatly delighted and proud to receive the water tank and generator donated by the Australian High Commission. The vision and development support by the Australian High Commission demonstrate the working in partnership between the Australian government and RSIPF.”

Inspector Leleina says, “The access to reliable water supply at Lata Police Station has been an issue for a long time now. Electricity supply in Lata is reliable but there are unexpected times where power supply is disrupted.

“These funded items will enhance a conducive working environment especially as the policing service is an essential service. The conducive working environment will motivate officers to perform remarkably in executing their duties effectively.”

“I on behalf of the RSIPF Commissioner and his executive would like to thank the Australian High Commissioner for the support. I would also like to thank the British High Commissioner for visiting Lata Police Station and observing firsthand information in areas of assistance in the future,” Inspector Leleina adds.

Source: RSIPF Media