The Australian High Commission in Solomon Islands has released a Media release following reports by a local paper this morning .

It was stated that the local paper received a report called the "Top Intelligence Report" claiming that the Government is blaming Australia and RAMSI for trying to topple the current Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip by backing the Opposition through a number of methods.

The Media Release states that the allegations that Australia is seeking to influence Solomon Islands politics have no basis in fact; Australia does not support or fund Solomon Islands Members of Parliaments or political parties and Australia does not manipulate the Solomon Islands justice system.

Australia does not seek to influence the democratic processes in our neighboring countries and Australia works constructively with the elected government of the day.

Australia is working with the Government of Prime Minister, Hon. Danny Philip on our common agenda of promoting stability, economic progress and the welfare of all Solomon Islanders.

Australia is a friend to Solomon Islands and all Solomon Islanders and Australia is by far Solomon Islands' biggest aid donor and Australian aid is among the most transparent and open in the world.

Australia's development assistance to Solomon Islands is wholly channeled through the Australia-Solomon Islands Partnership for Development, and as agreed with the Solomon Islands Government Australian aid money is not used for political purposes.