Chairman of the main organizing committee, Michael Maena, has confirmed on SIBC that Auki is ready to host the 2007 National Trade and Cultural Show.

"My committee is happy to announce that the show ground is now ready. We have about 40 food stalls which have already been erected on site," said Maena. "Buildings have already been erected to house business houses coming in from Honiara."

Mr Maena says the main structure inside the main show village including stalls and corporate buildings for business houses, will be ready by this week, for next week's events. He says power, water and other necessities have already reached the main village. Meanwhile, Mr Maena says the Cultural Show will be hosted separately at the Auki Primary School ground, while the Agriculture and Livestock Show will be at another location.
Mr Maena says that his committee had designed the venue in such a way where people can move in and out freely, to avoid overcrowding in the main village. He says the main show ground can accommodate up to five-thousand people at any one time.

He says this year's National Trade Show will be officially opened this Saturday, 30 June, by the Foreign Affairs and Trade Minister, Patteson Oti.

The show will close on July the 8th.