Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Group Honourable Jeremiah Manele says allegations of assassination of Members of Parliament (MPs) are serious that warrant police investigation.

Mr Manele said this following the allegations which came about as a result of a misleading report by Alfred Sasako on MPs Parliamentary Discretionary Funds in the media on Monday this week.

He said the article by Mr Sasako is misleading and has placed a very bad image on MPs.

Whilst the Opposition Leader have insisted that PEC and Parliament should clarify the matter, Mr Manele have taken the obligation to explain that the discretionary funds are approved by PEC and not MPs and the funds are catered for in the 2017 budget.

“The funds received by the MPs are duly and legally catered for under Appendix A (11) of MP (Entitlement) commission (Amendment) Regulation 2015 that came into effect on 1st April 2015. This must also be made clear that the decision has nothing to do with MPs but rather the PEC,” he said.

Therefore, he said allegations by the media that MPs including the Opposition Leader have corrupted the funds are seriously misleading.

Meanwhile, the Leader of Opposition has urged media to be more responsible in its reporting and not to publish unsubstantiated and misleading articles that will put the lives of leaders as well as others at risk.

“This is a serious matter and the media is urged to practice responsible journalism rather than trying to disseminate wrong information to the public,” he said.