Solomon Islands Archery Federation (SIAF) are into its second week of training with the assistance of the High-Performance staff at the SINIS multi outdoor field over the weekend.

Currently, there are 15 athletes initially drafted for selection with regular training ongoing following a long break period due to the Covid-19 community transmission.

Archery Head Coach Andrew Lano revealed that more athletes are yet to join the current team adding that support from SINIS will provide the archers with a dynamite performance, especially through the programs that allow athletes to train, and personal coaches’ development for national/international competitions upcoming.

“After a long break, the athletes managed to get together and keep things going,” Lano said.

“Despite the sport not being active for quite some time, SINIS High-Performance has been the only venue the athletes will rely on in their preparations for the 2023 Pacific Games.”

He added that the federation is prioritizing student-athletes and the reopening of schools recently announced has been welcoming news for archery to resume with its scouting programs.

“The athletes will continue with their basic shooting lessons in a given period. We will conduct a final evaluation depending on the various skill levels they have and their attributes.

“From there we will deal with the athletes individually in addressing their weaknesses and what concern is needed to put up their shooting performance,” he added.

The elite development High-Performance program will continue its support for archery to identify and develop high performing athletes to represent the country.

Source: SINIS Media