After much attempt by the Royal Solomon Islands Police along with their RAMSI counterparts to raise awareness on road safety, another accident happened in East Honiara last night, along the Fishing Village area.

The people who were involved in the car accident were said to have been under the influence of alcohol.

Around 11pm the car drove down the highway at approximately 100km/hr then decided to change lanes when it crashed into another car causing it to turn 360 degrees on the high way, while the alleged car flew up into the air and landed on the road, where it skidded to the Kukum Hot Bread area. The driver escaped unhurt while the other two passengers were taken to receive medical treatment.

Hundreds of locals came out onto the crash site to offer help to the victims.

The Police arrived on the scene a few minutes later to find that the driver had escaped. Police are currently undergoing investigation into the crash.