The National Government congratulates the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) for the dedication and turning of the soil of the site for the development of the John Coleridge Patterson University at Central Guadalcanal over the weekend.

Guest of honour, Care taker Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Maelanga said, “this is a start of yet another educational journey under the leadership of the Anglican Church of Melanesia in Solomon Islands, in exceling the advancement of inclusive and equitable quality education and lifelong learning opportunities for all Solomon Islanders.”

The acting Prime Minister stated that the dedication and the turning of the soil on the site for the proposed university is in line with the government’s overall policy to strengthen institutional response to quality education.

Hon. Maelanga said, he is proud to acknowledge that the Anglican Church of Melanesia through its ACOM Education Authority and its in-house Committees, have showed our country what can be achieved through strategic vision, leadership and dedication to invest on our people, so that they can be the best they can be.

“This initiative has put Solomon Islands on par with other countries that own or host such institutions and I commend and congratulate the ACOM for this tremendous development.

The government believes, the John Coleridge Patteson University of Theological Studies will help shape the character of our citizens and deliver quality tertiary-based academic programs.

This dual focus, the PM acting adds, aims to increase both knowledge and wisdom that will lead to better understanding between people and reduce the level of disputes within communities, minimise obstacles and lead people away from behaviour and attitudes causing decay of our societal values and morality.

It also aims to encourage people to reject non-democratic ways of living and working and focuses on strengthening of values and morality that binds people and society together so greater social cohesion, harmony and stability can be achieved.

“I am certain that all of us here today, to be part of this historic occasion to witness this Dedication and Turning of the soil event, will agree with me that our journey to liberate ourselves from the challenges of conflicts, disharmony and disunity starts here today.

This institution is a Godsend. I commend the ACOM for being God’s instrument to release this mission – to help build and restore unity in our country.”

The DCGA government through the National Development Strategy (NDS) initiative, and through the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development, Education Strategic Framework 2016 – 2030, and the recently launched National Education Action Plan 2022 – 2026, have demonstrated the government’s policy and institutional response to this highest call of responsibility.

"We strongly advocate and support this aspect of social development in the country," stressed the care taker Prime Minister.

Source: GCU