The Police and Prison Services Commission chairman Mr Edmund Andresen denies reports that he had attempted to block the swearing-in-ceremony of the new Police Commissioner on Tuesday.

Mr Andresen says at no time did he say the swearing in ceremony should not take place, nor had he intended to delay it.

Mr Andresen stated that he had informed a Government House Official that morning that the process of formalizing the recommendation of the Prime Minister has not been done by the commission.

"As such a swearing in ceremony could be un-procedural and open for a challenge by any interested party" said Andersen. "At no time did I say the swearing in was unconstitutional"

He says his presence at Government House that morning was not to witness the swearing in, but was a result of an unprecedented order by the Governor General to explain the position of the commission to those present.

He says the procedure he referred to was the same process that was followed in the appointment of previous Police Commissioners.