Police have noted an increase in the number of people consuming alcohol in the city late into the night and, in some cases, to the next day.

It has been noted that there has been an increase in petty crime as a result of people consuming too much alcohol.

Such behaviour that fuels criminal activities such as demanding money, stealing and fighting has raised concerns with police.

Police have said drunken people walking around in the city late into the night are causing traffic hazard by throwing objects on to the road. In some instances, they become hazards by walking, sitting or even lying on the road.

Commissioner of Police, Mohammed Jahir Khan, said the police will take action against those who cause disturbances when they are affected by alcohol.

As part of the effort to curb the problem, a police beat office has been set up at the Central Market.

The Commissioner of Police noted on "a very large arrest rate" from officers stationed at the Central Market.

"I have also noticed a decrease in the number of reported crimes associated with alcohol at the Central Market," he added.

Mr. Khan reminded the public that stealing from a person or shop is a crime, and that police will be valiant to this crime type.

"Being affected by alcohol is no excuse for committing a crime," he said.

"One of our major concerns is the illegal sale of alcohol out of hours. In other words black market alcohol. Let me assure you that the Liquor Licensing Squad will take action against business houses and people who are selling beer and other alcohol illegally," Police Commissioner Khan said today.