The Agricultural Technical Cooperation Agreement marks another milestone to the government and the people of Solomon Islands.

This was a statement made by Hon. Martin Magga, the Acting Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, during his speech yesterday at the signing of the Agricultural Technical Cooperation Agreement held at the Taiwanese farm at KGVI.

He includes that agreement signifies the continued commitment between the two governments and will ensure a strong relationship.

He added that the Taiwan Government has provided enormous help and support towards the Ministry for Agriculture to ensure that the people of Solomon Islands will benefit greatly.

He continued to say that the ministry will work closely on the common interests and visions for the development of the Ministry's agricultural programs.

"The agreement has immense opportunities for further development and production of agricultural foods, given the current prevailing circumstances on the soaring food prices, particularly the rice," says Hon. Magga.

He mentioned that the ministry is confident because of the close relationship between the two governments.

Hon. Magga went on to thank the Taiwanese government and hopes that both governments will continue to strengthen partnership and close collaborations to pursue future development in the Agricultural Sector.