With the ongoing surge in community transmission of covid-19 into the provinces, the Health and Medical Services Ministry is deploying additional supplies and workers to boost response in the provinces.

So far, a total of 39,780 Rapid Antigen Test kits were sent to the provinces as part of the current testing strategy to immediately detect COVID-19 cases for necessary and relevant interventions.

Furthermore, PPEs including a total of 457,600 face masks and 35,430 N95 masks, 1,110 eye goggles, 750,500 hand gloves and 38,797 surgical gowns have been deployed to enable health workers safely discharge their duties and preventing the spread of the virus between them and patients.

“These PPEs have played a critical role in ensuring safe births of new born babies in areas where COVID-19 community transmission is occurring while health is working hard to ensure these supplies reach the various levels of health facilities in all Provinces,” said Health and Medical Services Minister, Dr Culwick Togamana.

Apart from supplies, the Ministry also deployed technical support from Honiara to support provincial response to COVID-19.

A team comprising 2 doctors and three nurses were deployed to Seghe in Marovo Lagoon this week while a senior physician was deployed to Malu’u in Malaita to attend to a COVID-19 critical patient on oxygen and another team of 5 health workers, doctors and nurses will be deployed this week to assist with the management of COVID-19 patients at Kilu’ufi hospital and Atoifi Area Health Centre.

Furthermore, a team comprising 2 doctors and 9 nurses from Malaita and Honiara have been prepared for deployment to the Malaita Outer Islands this week for clinical and outpatient support services including vaccination roll out.

Source: GCU