An access to justice study report was recently launched in Solomon Islands. Supported by the Australian government and the United Nations Development Program, this report was produced with the aim to better understand the existing justice needs of the people of Solomon Islands.

Speaking at the launch, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs, Dr. Paul Mae says the framework’s mission is to deliver transparent, accountable and effective services which protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of all people of Solomon Islands.

“The ministry of justice and legal affairs and the national judiciary acknowledge the need to improve and strengthen the existing justice sector strategic framework”, Mae said.

He further said the Ministry of Justice also advocate and promote inclusiveness in its approach to service delivery.

Mae said this is to be in line with International Human rights standard.

The results presented in the report was said to share a fresh insight into the state of the justice sector in Solomon Islands.

Some of the recommendations highlighted in the report includes a reform of the structure and operations of the local courts, expand of police presence in communities to formalize access to justice service, development of a decentralize administration justice service model, expand formal justice sector services to provinces through a reinvigorated court circuit with commitment from all institutions.

The report detailed the state of ‘Access to justice’ across the country and represents the culmination of real life experiences and perceptions of some 3,000 Solomon Islanders.

The report will serve as a baseline for monitoring progress of reforms and service delivery in the formal justice system. It will also support the justice sector strategic framework 2014 – 2020.

This will also be fed into reporting against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and corresponding into the Solomon Islands National Development Strategy.