The current weather abnormality experienced in Honiara at the moment was said to have been because of Global Warming.

This was revealed by the Climate Change Officer for the Meteorological services, Mr. Douglas Yee.

According to Mr. Yee, the rainy season should be from the months of October to April, however, currently the Solomon Islands is facing what is called 'Climate Variables.'

He said that the 'Climate Variables' is experienced when Global Warming has somehow upset the normal weather patterns.

This explains why Solomon Islands is currently experiencing the weather as that of a cyclone. Such as that in the past week when Solomon Islands was experiencing torrential downpour and stormy weather.

In an attempt to better monitor such weather patterns Mr. Yee revealed that plans are underway to obtain a Weather Radar by the Meteorological services. This could mean that they could determine the weather more accurately.

Several scientists have often argued that there are other factors, other than global warming, that may have intensified the severity of such weather patterns. However, scientists are generally in agreement that such problems will increase if emissions of heat-trapping gases are not brought under control.