The Opposition Leader, Hon. Steve Abana, has stepped down as Leader of the Opposition Group.

In a brief statement, Mr Abana said that it is important for him to step aside as the Opposition Group seeks to revive itself.

Mr Abana was instrumental in an early attempt to topple the Danny Philip led government over what he described as "questionable dealings by certain individuals in government."

Mr Abana, now in his second term as MP, contested for the Prime Minister's post in early December, loosing narrowly to Prime Minister Danny Philip.

Earlier, the MP for East Honiara, Hon. Douglas Ete, called on the Opposition Leader to step down citing a need to revive the Opposition group under a new Leader. Mr Ete said that it is important for the Opposition group to perform its watchdog role effectively to ensure an effective government.

It is understood that the election for a new Opposition Leader will take place today.

Sources close to the Opposition say Dr Derek Sikua, a former Prime Minister, is quite likely the favored candidate to lead the Opposition group. Other likely candidates would be Mathew Wale, Job Tausinga, Manasseh Sogavare and Rick Hou.