The Duchess of Cambridge was every bit an island princess yesterday in Honiara, Solomon Islands when she was crowned with a headdress of fresh flowers made of frangipani and bougainvillea.

When the royal couple went about their tour of the Solomon Islands, it was evident that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were in a "much brighter mood".

Kate received the decorative headpiece after meeting women's groups working to improve the status of women in the Solomon Islands.

"The Duchess is trully a stunning lady and she carries herself so well. She fits in so well with everyone. We have been honored to have met her," says one of the ladies during the gathering yesterday at the Commonwealth Youth Centre.

"I have always been a fan of the Duchess and meeting her was a dream come true. I wish her well in her journey as the new Royal," says another fan during the Cultural village visit.

As the Duchess of Cambridge met female activists, Prince William proved he was a true Englishman when he accepted the challenge of a penalty shoot-out against a 13-year-old goalkeeper - and lost.