Communication Unit within the Police Headquarters has stated that the Emergency 999 toll free line is often misused by the public.

Director of the Communication Unit, Mr. Tony Misiosi said that the police spend most of the time answering prank calls from people. These have prevented the police from answering genuine emergency calls to provide response.

According to Mr. Misiosi, 530 prank calls were received over a period of 3 and a half days. Calls were said to have been from children and even some adults.

Mr. Misiosi even revealed that members of the public have reported that the Police are inefficient in responding to emergencies and according to Mr. Misiosi, this is because the police often respond to calls that are often prank.

Mr. Misiosi wanted the public to know that the police have a phone record of prank callers to the emergency line and when the police do get tired of the prank callers, the callers could easily be charged.