Chief Justice, Sir Albert R. Palmer CBE today received a consignment of books covering the latest legal developments across the Commonwealth.

The texts cover issues including gender equality, rural development, land reform, green energy, legislative drafting and tourism development.

Receiving the books, Chief Justice Palmer said they are important resources for judges, magistrates, lawyers and others who may wish to do research in our High Court Library.

Chief Justice Palmer said: "While in this technologically advanced age, a lot of research can be carried out through the internet, the need and importance of books remain very much the same for not all material contained in books are available over the internet.

"These texts help make it possible for our people in the Judiciary and the Legal Sector to be able to do research and will help ensure that the quality of work, whether in terms of submissions or judgements are maintained at a consistently high level."

The books were provided by the British High Commission Honiara, working with the Solomon Islands Justice Programme and the Australian government in supporting the Justice Sector across Solomon Islands.

Handing over the books, British High Commissioner to Solomon Islands and Nauru, His Excellency, Dr. Brian Jones, said legal practice across the Commonwealth is constantly evolving.

He added: "I am honoured to be able to assist the Solomon Islands Judiciary, under Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer, to keep pace with the latest legal developments across a range of vital issues relevant to Solomon Islands’ development. Issues such as gender equality and rural development have complex legal elements and it is important that the legal profession have such resources available at their fingertips to consult here."

He also mentioned that a strong judicial system is at the heart of a strong, prosperous Solomon Islands and he is happy to continue the UK and Commonwealth’s support towards that objective.

The books were passed onto High Court Librarian, Julia Funu Oroa, who will be responsible for cataloguing them and adding them to the High Court Library.

Source: British High Commission Honiara