On 15 June 2020, the Island Sun newspaper printed a front page story with the headline: “Police Brutality” alleging that the RSIPF Central Response Unit (CRU) at the Honiara City Central Police Station was responsible for the bashing of a victim on the night of Saturday 13 June 2020 in Honiara.

The victim and a member of his family have since apologised to the CRU for the story as it was established that the Unit was never involved in the alleged incident.

RSIPF had called on the Island Sun to also apologise for printing the story without checking with the RSIPF.

The Island Sun Management this morning printed an apology to the members of the CRU and all ranks and file of the RSIPF and members of their families in the “Have Your Say” page 6 instead of the newspaper’s front page as requested by the RSIPF. 


Source: RSIPF Media