Guadalcanal Football Association President, Patrick Miniti, has expressed his disappointment and anger at the attitude of two major companies operating on Guadalcanal for their lack of interest in assisting the provincial team.

The GFA executive has approached the two major companies,Goldridge Mining Ltd and Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Ltd, prior to the tournament for financial assistance but received negative responses from them.

Miniti says their non-action does not speak well for the two companies.

Their assistance will go towards youths who will be representing Guadalcanal Province in Our Telekom Cup competition.

"I'm utterly disappointed as our request is for a good cause," he adds.

GRML is only prepared to give $500 while GPPOL says they can assist with transportation.

However, a disappointed Miniti says GRML's $500 will not do them any good as they need money to buy T-shirts and also playing strips for both the men and women's soccer teams.

"Coming from a province where big companies are operating, it does reflect well on them and I'd like to call on their management to rethink," he adds.